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The physical aspect of yoga are the asana, or postures, that are put together in sequences that are flowing or held. There are variations of each of the postures, making yoga suitable for all ages and fitness abilities. A consistent yoga practice helps you to focus and centre, bringing clarity to busy minds and releasing stress.

Yoga is a great way to get in shape, tone muscles, improve posture, flexibility and body alignment, maintain a youthful appearance and as a valuable addition to a cross training programme. People with specific complaints such as high blood pressure or digestive problems may also find yoga beneficial.


Meditation is a practice for stilling the mind so that it becomes less influenced and led by the external information picked up by the senses. It is a way to unwrap yourself from the stories and drama that you create about you and life and to connect to yourself on a deeper level. In a hectic world, it can provide a welcome holiday away from distractions and provide the space to just be.

Yoga nidra is a simple yet profound practice that is accessible to everyone and the basis of classes, workshops and private sessions with Yoga Swaha. It is a complete meditation practice that involves mindfulness, welcoming emotions and thoughts and experiencing yourself as the awareness in which life unfolds. Deeply relaxing and healing, you’ll discover tools to enable you to meet and welcome all that life presents you with skill and resilience.

Get started with this short guided meditation.

Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises

Trauma and tension releasing exercises (TRE) are a set of simple exercises for releasing stress in the body mind. It replicates the body’s natural response to releasing built up stress and tension after a traumatic or stressful event. It was developed by Dr David Berceli during his extensive work with people living in conflict countries.

Our reaction to stress and trauma is an evolutionary mechanism for keeping us safe and alive. However, holding on to stress and tension can create imbalances in the body and in our response to stress. Retraining the body to naturally disperse tension and stress through tremors or ‘shaking’, provides a way for the nervous system to function as an integrated, balanced whole in everyday life. It returns us to a more relaxed and calm state enabling us to meet the challenges that life presents with resilience.

Sports Massage Therapy

Using soft tissue massage, neuromuscular techniques and supportive movement to address restrictions can help to optimise your potential for greater ease and range of movement.